Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Juicy Fruits: Strawberry

Juicy Fruits: Strawberry

Here is the first of my posts that is inspired by the bright, summery quality of fruit. Yes, fruit. One of the things I think about when I think about summer are fruits. And fruits always look cute, especially strawberries, with their connotation of "kawaii". Kawaii in Japan means cuteness.
This is a pretty cute strawberry ;) The leaves look like a flower.
 An interesting take on cuteness can be seen in this Vsauce video:

   Who wouldn't want to be cute? So take some fashion inspiration from the sweetness and cuteness of the strawberry. The polka-dotted top evokes the strawberry's characteristic pattern, and it also helps you look sweet. The strawberry-colored scalloped shorts are also very cute and are also characteristic of a strawberry's sweetness. The white vans help keep the look from becoming saccharine, and give it an easy, summery, sporty vibe. The sleek pink clutch reminded me of strawberry ice cream: very pink. The rose-tinted sunglasses and the pink strawberry necklace are whimsical touches. Lastly, wear a scent with a little strawberry. It's a great summer note to beat the heat and Marc Jacobs's Daisy Sunshine is a great fruity summer scent, featuring notes of berries, guava and lychee.


Zephyr said...

Hi Sara,

Sent you a bunch of emails - not sure if you're getting them (maybe they're going to spam?) so thought I'd try contacting you on here instead. Please get in touch ASAP, we need to work out the details for your July start date with CF. Hope everything's OK!


Sara Khalil said...

Hi Zephyr,

No I did not get the emails! I think they might be going to spam, though I've added CF to my safe senders list. Perhaps the email is incorrect. I'll email you this comment so you can confirm the correct email. Thanks for contacting me,