Friday, June 28, 2013

Juicy Fruits: Watermelon

Juicy Fruits: Watermelon

Welcome again to another edition of Juicy Fruits! This time, I'm covering the fruit that defines summer: watermelon! They're a really fun, carefree, summery fruit. Apparently, it's a type of berry. 
Watermelons are great to draw fashion inspiration from because they have a really great color scheme. Watermelon has mainly two complimentary colors (red and green), which are colors that are opposite of each other on the color wheel. Using complimentary colors this way brings out the contrast in both colors so they look really good next to each other. Also, the white section and the black seeds are neutrals that tie the look together even further. 

So, to look as perfectly contrasted as a watermelon, start with this sweet structured, cut-out, polka-dotted crop top. It's fun and the black polka dots look like watermelon seeds. 
A cute watermelon-colored miniskirt with a white stripe detail is the perfect compliment. Watermelons, when cut up, have a perfect mixture of round and angular lines, so use a angular skirt (like an A-line) if the top has a round shape (like a sweet-heart). I really like this skirt because it looks cool and sporty, and I always imagine watermelon as a "cool" fruit. Maybe that's just me though! 
A pair of earrings that look as if they're practically made out of watermelon seeds add a fun, sophisticated spin on the look. Kelly green suede oxfords complete the look with a little preppy flair. 
The trick to not looking like a Christmas tree when wearing red and green together is to vary the tone and shade of the colors. Using primary red and kelly green looks like a Christmas tree, but using a softer, more pink-orange red like watermelon looks like a fun way to mix complimentary colors. 
The straw tote is a great way to incorporate all the colors but it's neutral enough so that there isn't too much color going on in the outfit.
Finally, there's no better way to smell fresh than by spraying a dash of watermelon-scented perfume. So a perfume with notes of watermelon, white peach, and blackberries, like Kate Spade New York Twirl, is the perfect way to stay cool as a cucumber in the summer. Or the classic scent combination of cucumber and melon.

That's all for watermelon fashion inspiration. Did you know that there are also orange, yellow and even white watermelons? How would you combine the colors in a water-melon inspired outfit? Do you like wearing red and green together?

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