Thursday, July 4, 2013

Among the Trees

Among the Trees

The second outfit from the Into the Wild collection features this amazing tropical-print dress. I didn't even intend to make this a collection until I saw this dress. It was so brilliantly colored and the artsy print was unlike any I have ever seen. So naturally, I had to make an outfit based off of it.
So the strappy wedges have that jungle-inspired feel because of the brown leather, earthy colors and the studs on the wedge, which is something I haven't seen before. For some reason they remind me of the monkey kingdom from The Jungle Book. Their neutral color also helps the dress take center-stage.

And when I think of the jungle, I immediately think of monkeys and lemurs. So these quirky monkey earrings are another animal-inspired accessory. After monkeys and lemurs, I think of macaws and toucans. Naturally, I had to include a piece inspired by the colorful birds. So this bright red, gold and diamond bracelet that's shaped like a parrot was the perfect piece. A rustic, jungle-inspired bag like this one from Mar Y Sol picks up on the yellows in the dress and it also has enough neutrals so it doesn't overpower the dress.
 Finally, I chose Dot by Marc Jacobs for this outfit because the bottle is so cute! Marc Jacobs generally has exquisite fragrance bottles, and this one is no exception. Its fresh and tropical fragrance notes like dragon fruit, coconut water and vanilla are the finishing touch on this tropics-inspired outfit. 

Which habitat are you most inspired by? Mine would be tied between marine and rain forests. Marine habitats have such great silhouettes, and stream-lined shapes, along with a good mix of sparkle. Rain forests are brimming with color and pattern, which are my two favorite aspects of fashion. I love colorful prints, though I'm not daring enough to sport them as much as I'd like to.

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