Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sandy Dune Running

Sandy Dune Running

Here's the third installment of fashion inspired by habitats. This time, it's a Western-inspired desert look! The desert has lots of warm neutrals, so texture is a big part of this look. Get ready to look safari-chic with a snakeskin, leather and silk dress. Keep the sun out of your face and out of your eyes with this leather-accented cowboy hat, which looks great with a pair of interesting cowboy boots. The teal detail on these shoes adds an exciting pop of color. The natural-tone sunglasses and the camel-colored backpack are useful accessories. The golden camel ring pays homage to one of the most iconic inhabitants of the desert. Finally, a spritz of a spicy, oriental-woody scent like Tom Ford's Sahara Noir adds the perfect touch of exotic mystery, evoking the desert sands.
 Personally, I'm not a fan of deserts, because I need water and deserts are too dry. However, artistically, they're great because they have a great color scheme. 
I really like the fiery sunset.

 Also, the sky is the bluest over the desert. It's also one of the most dramatic landscapes.

What's your favorite landscape and why? Do you like the desert?

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